Based: Johannesburg

ChianoSky’s mix of seductive jazzy pop has seen her racing up the airplay charts in South Africa, showcasing her as one of South Africa’s most exciting, fresh and talented new discoveries.

She attended the National School of Arts where she studied music full time and slowly started realising her true musical calling. “I was waitressing at a restaurant in JHB where I bumped into the DJ Paul Almeida. He really loved the demo recordings he heard and he called up EMI and the next thing I knew I was signing a major label deal. That’s as simple as the story gets” she smiles.

Her first single ‘Sick Sick’ solidified her as a firm favourite amongst SA audiences.

ChianoSky had spent some of her younger years modelling which helped boost her confidence and taught her how to be comfortable on stage and in front of the camera. But don’t be fooled by ChianoSky’s pretty face! Behind the facade lies a lady with real talent, strong determination and a passion that runs deep.

With such diverse influences as Nina Simone, Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Adele – and especially the late Amy Winehouse, ChianoSky has found an original voice and style all her own.

ChianoSky insists on being a part of the entire creative process, from vision and creative concept, through the planning of the music video, photo shoots, album artwork design and beyond. In perfect pop style, there are no half measures with ChianoSky, you get the entire package, all intricately thought-out and planned.

“My mom named me, after a friend of hers Luciano, so Chiano has Italian roots. My mom was also a bit eccentric and VERY artistic, and she always used to say the sky is not the limit, so that’s where ChianoSky was born.”