Based: Johannesburg

Busiswa is a new-age performance poet and singer. Her stage energy is infectious.

“I was born in Mthatha. I am Xhosa in every way possible, stereotypes and all. As a child I used to kill time at boarding school by creating songs. I was an avid reader so I also started writing. I have always been a creative and a performer.

“I met Kalawa Jazmee through Durban DJs Bhuzbin and Clap. I did some work with them, Oskido heard their stuff and liked it. I bumped into him at a Woolworths and introduced myself. He said we’ll talk and eight months later when they were doing My Name Is they called me. I actually wrote that song for and about Zinhle. I got to perform with her and experience the industry without the frontline problems.

“I learnt how to deal with 30 men at a gig who think they can just smack your ass. That song put my voice on the map. It’s been a learning curve. A year later I have released a track called Ngoku (Now in Xhosa) which is produced by Uhuru. T