Motivational . Inspirational

Based: Cape Town

Disability is part of my life, and it is my unique opportunity to do things differently.

Through my experience of facing challenges that most people do not understand, I’ve developed an open, honest, humour-filled approach to life. And a very sassy storytelling technique.

Relaying my motivations and mindset to others lead me to a realization: there is untapped potential in so many of the people I meet, and they can’t see it… Yet.

Sometimes, the words that unlock that potential just need to come from the right angle to get the message across.

Over time, I have positioned myself as a globally recognised ability activist and power-house motivational speaker. I have addressed the United Nations in Geneva, been the keynote speaker at UNESCO HQ in Paris and keynote speaker at ICV Philadelphia, to name just a few.

🏆The 1st Female Quadriplegic to Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro
🏆The 1st Wheelchair Athlete to Complete a Comrades Ultra Marathon
🏆 2018 Obama Foundation African Leader
🏆 2017 Turner Award for Social Change Winner
🏆2015 Ballroom and Latin American Wheelchair Dancing Double World Champion
🏆2012 Nobel Peace Summit Medal for Social Activism Winner
🏆 2011 International Children’s Peace Prize Winner

I show people that it’s ok to laugh and engage with me. It helps to creates a safe space to acknowledge, unpack and combat ignorance.

I encourage curiosity; but I also push people to engage with their own prejudice and mindset.

I offer a different perspective, a new way of approaching challenges, and encourage teamwork through reinvigorating personal and company goals.