Motivational. Innovation. Leadership

Based: UK 

Professional poker player and entrepreneur, Caspar Berry’s take on business is unique, insightful and refreshing. Changing peoples perceptions around themes such as risk, teamwork, leadership and persuasion all through the metaphor of poker. Caspar believes that changing peoples patterns and behaviours is a sure-fire way to ensure success.

His eye-opening comparisons between playing cards and running a business incorporate innovating, risk-taking, communicating, and decision-making.

Casper’s career in the spotlight began as the lead character in the first BBC 1 series of Byker Grove, alongside TV presenters Ant and Dec.

Caspar takes a fresh look at the way organisations take decisions and communicate so that they can achieve a competitive edge. He emphasises that breaking patterns and changing behaviours is key to motivating teams in the most challenging and productive ways.

He uses the metaphor of poker as a vehicle to communicate universally resonant messages around the need for individuals and companies to take risk and seize opportunities. Audiences leave informed, inspired and empowered to take better decisions to achieve their objectives and goals.