Based: Johannesburg

She forged a solid career in soul music. After nine years of humble beginnings as a gospel singer, she has grown in stature and fame, and now has a new body of work, which is scheduled for release this year, that is totally different from her previous efforts.

With this new album, the songstress aims to continue expressing her real self, relating to people genuinely and continuously perpetuating the message of her music: love, equality and justice.

“My music always has a theme, and I have so much I want to talk about but I don’t want to spoil it by announcing it this early. What I put out there for fans to consume is guided by where I am mentally, spiritually, and even musically,” says Mtambo.

About her switch from gospel music to the soul music sphere, Mtambo said, “I never moved from gospel to jazz”.

“I was in the biggest amazing gospel group when I started. When I left the group, I become an individual and pursued my dreams. My dream was always to occupy circular space, I wanted to sing music and entertain, and I knew when I joined the group, that I wasn’t going to sing gospel music forever. I went straight to what I initially wanted to do.