Virtual from Home



After downloading our instructional app participants are ready to enter the game via a video conferencing platform. A genial host meets the players and splits them into small breakout groups and into round one where they each ask one question from their virtual Bingo Card. These ‘pop-up’ question draws out fun facts, career achievements or intriguing personal accolades, e.g. Who in this breakout room has been on TV?

Names(answers) are entered into the interactive app. Any player can score on any questions maintaining a competitive, yet, inclusive atmosphere.After just three minutes, they enter a new breakout group, and the process starts again.After the second round, everyone comes back together to get fully energised and eager to share their latest discoveries.Further rounds see everyone connecting again in different groups and well on their to shouting BINGO!


Learning Outcomes

The start of online meetings can often be awkward, especially when not all participants are familiar. A non-threatening energiser supported an experienced host can help your audience feel at ease and more open to express themselves in business matters ahead. Breakout Bingo is a fun team building session sure to connect the group from the get-go. Relationships are essential in all organisations, and a productive, highly connected workforce is an incredible asset to any organisation. Breakout Bingo encourages people to get to know each other on a personal level even when they are working from different locations. Recognising common ground, improving communication skills and exploring ways to have fun ‘digitally’ is essential in motivating remote teams