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Based: Cape Town

Braam Malherbe achieved two world firsts by running the entire Great Wall of China, a distance of 4 218km,
at a pace of a marathon a day for 98 days, as well as the entire coastline of South Africa, a distance of over
3 200km. The expeditions raised over R2.5 million for Operation Smile, to provide corrective surgery for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate disfigurements.

Braam represented South Africa in the 768km unassisted ski race to the South Pole with Peter van Kets in
December 2011/January 2012. Braam’s adventures are extraordinary and he is a riveting motivational speaker, applying lessons learnt in his experiences to talk about themes relating to goals, courage, leadership, teamwork, purpose and making the impossible, possible. As a conservationist and Honorary Ranger for South African National Parks, Braam is involved in counter-poaching and finding sustainable solutions to save the rhino from extinction.

He co-founded the Table Mountain National Park Volunteer Firefighting Unit and is actively involved in
many conservation initiatives – making it his life’s mission to fight environmental irresponsibility and the destruction of our precious natural resources.

Braam is a director for the Institute For Accountability In Southern Africa (IFAISA). Braam is an ambassador for many worthy causes including: Woolworths MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, Operation Smile SA, WESSA
(Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa) and the Amy Biehl Foundation. He has been a regular
presenter on the television programme 50/50, and he has been contracted to present an international nature
series for National Geographic Channel.

Braam challenges all of us to “Do One Thing” (DOT to make a positive difference for our planet. He has developed a social media site and application called DOT, which launches in 2015 to drive environmental