Based: Cape Town

Born Berenike Trytsman, the singer-songwriter hails from Cape Town, Western Cape. Born on  7 May, 1990. The musical story of the 31-year-old, is one of perseverance and focus on achieving one’s dreams. Born in a musical family with both parents being former professional opera singers. Music has been part of Berry’s life since she was infant. Her first musical memory is at five-years old when she sang during her parents’ opera concerts. This would be the first time that she remembers performing for an audience. 

Following these performances, Berry had found her aspiration and passion and begun taking steps to realise her dreams. At fourteen years old, she began taking music lessons to hone her instrument. Initially inspired by Pop Princess, Britney Spears. As her musical ear grew, so did her list of inspirations musically to include bands and musicians like Green Day, Nickelback, Christina Arguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Celine Dion. 

In taking inspiration from these voices, Berry learnt to sing in key, to always find her voice in whatever she sings and the importance of being vocally versatile. In the years that would follow, she would enter singing competitions either winning or coming as runner up. At twenty years old, Berry auditioned for the first time to be part of Idols South Africa, season 6. Berry would make it as far as the top 30, until needing to leave the show in order to prioritise her family. 

In that time away, before she was ready to come back to audition again, Berry worked blue collar work, while still honing her gift. Teaching vocal training part-time, she also met her current husband and biggest supporter. Initially, together with husband who co-writes original music with her. They spent the better part of the last five years attempting to break Berry into the mainstream. 

Recognising that 2021 was the last year she could enter Idols, Berry sent in her audition tape in and the rest is Idols South Africa history. Berry, along with her two female top 3 contestants made history as the first all-female top 3 since the inception of the show. This also meant that the all-female top 3 were signees to legendary record label, Kalawa Jazmee. 

Following her signing, Berry released her debut single, Ungowami. A mid-tempo ballad which showcased her versatility as she sings completely in isiZulu. The song speaks about a love so eternal that you cannot help but sing about it. The single feeds into the ethos that Berry aims to achieve with her music; to stretch herself musically and vocally exploring every genre her voice can tune into. 

In the future, the singer-songwriter hopes to create a fan base which will see her travel the world spreading her voice and message of hope. Berry is a living testament that the journey is always worth it. Sixteen years in the making and Berry is finally having her time under the sun.