Based: Cape Town

Hailing from Hanover Park near Cape Town, Ezra discovered his musical talent when he was 10 years old, in church. He initially played drums, guitar and bass, but now prefers to concentrate on the piano, the guitar and vocals.

Staying on his own in a flat in Seapoint, Ezra tries to make a living with a band called “Oh What A Night” at the On Broadway bar in Greenpoint. He also gigs at Café Manhattan and really admires Bryan McKnight “because he does all his producing and arranging himself”.

Ezra comes from a very sporty family and he’s not sure where his vocal talents come from. Three of his four sisters play provincial softball and Ezra was a Springbok athlete in the 100m sprint with a personal best of 10.57secs. (That’s really really fast!)

On leaving school, Ezra concentrated exclusively on his athletics until a hamstring injury forced him to take some time off. It was while resting that he returned to his music and further developed his vocal and instrumental talents.

Ezra says he is humble, friendly and loves to mingle with new people. He is also naturally inquisitive about life and loves to learn new things.

He still dreams of the Olympics and envisions himself on the podium receiving his medal while the crowd sings along to his latest hit single! At the rate Ezra’s going, that dream is not as far fetched as it may sound.