Based: Cape Town | Johannesburg

Formed in 2006, Soma’s aim was to integrate the ancient art of Belly Dancing into the present, fusing it with more modern, contemporary elements while keeping the essence of the dance. The result today is a dynamic, innovative style, with beautiful costuming, mesmerising moves and an ensemble of amazing musicians and professional performers to keep you entertained.
Soma Performance Bellydance Troupe has travelled both nationally and internationally to dance at prestigeous events.
Soma has also now expanded to include a Middle Eastern Percussion troupe who accompany the dancers in class environments and on stage. Back to ancient cultural roots of rhythm and dance!

Marissa has a background in dance, doing 10 years of ballet and modern dance before starting Belly Dance in 2000, starting with Cabaret styles until turning her focus to Tribal Fusion in 2006.

She is Choreographer, Director and Principal of SOMA performance group and school, has performed with her troupe internationally, as well as with her partner and percussionist “The Steady Tiger” at international festivals and tribal fusion events.

Some of the teachers she has attended workshops with include: Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Heather Stants, Amy Sigil, Mira Betz, Tamlyn Dallal, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Emanuel, FCBD, Moria Cambell(BDSS), Bozenka, Kami Liddle (BDSS), Petite Jamilla (BDSS), Sonja (BDSS), Ansuya (BDSS), Maureen (ATS UK), Philippa (Moirai UK), Noelle (East Coast Tribal), Kimberley Mackoy