Based: Cape Town

Russell Fox “Magician Insane” is Africa’s most inspirational; influential and insane Mentalist; Perceptionist and Illusionist. As a child Russell was born with an array of life challenges including Epilepsy, Asthma, Dyslexia, ADHD and a mild form of Tourettes.

But with the hard knocks of life came a stubborn will and desire to overcome all that fought to stop him and he did. He has found ways to overcome or work around these challenges that would other wise have stopped him from achieving amazing success. Today, Russell Fox is a thriving business man and an Internationally Acclaimed Master in the art of Magic – Illusion –  Perceptionism and Mentalism who has been performing throughout South Africa and across the continents since 1999.

As a versatile artist, his abilities propel his performances to many different aspects within the field. Russell Fox offers a variety of different shows including (but not limited to) MC’ing, Magic workshops and Corporate Team Building making him one of the most dynamic and influential magical artists in the South Africa.

His performance repertoire includes some of the most profound and amazing companies, television series’ and people such as The Prince Of Saudi Arabia; Carlo MacFarlane (Backstage); Mac Stanley; Arno Carstens; Carol Bouwer; Fishy Fashions (SABC3); My Super Sweet World Class (MTV EUROPE) and Emo Adams – JOU SHOW (M-Net).

If you’re looking for a unique entertainment experience, MC or a life altering workshop for your guests or staff then look no further, Russell Fox will leave you and your guests with a mind-shifting psychological experience that you’re sure to never forget. His performances break the confines of what is possible, what reality looks like and showcases how truly powerful and awesome the human mind can be when unlocked and focused.