Russel Fox

Based: Cape Town

As a child Russell was born with an array of life challenges, Epilepsy, Asthma, Dyslexia, ADHD and when starting his schooling career he was hit with the discovery of mental disorder that declared him uneducable, which stunted his schooling immensely then later in life he would discover he had to live with a mild form of Turrets.

But with the hard knocks of life came a stubborn will and desire to overcome all that fought to stop him and he did. By Russell taking the time to get know himself he has found ways to over come or work around these challenges that would other wise have stopped him from achieving amazing success.

Russell is today a thriving Business man and Internationally Acclaimed Master in the art of Magic, Illusion, Perceptionism’ and Mentalism who has been performing both nationally and international since 1999 and through this motivates and inspires across the globe.

As a versatile artist his abilities take his performances to many different aspects within the field and thus offering a variety of shows, MC, workshops and team builds making him the most versatile and influential artist in terms of the magic arts in South Africa.

Not only does he perform but Russell also designs and creates magic effects and illusions for other magic artists and Companies across the globe.

Russell is an artist and this brings a unique experience to his shows. Since child hood Russell has be musically and creatively inclined dabbling in many genres of art such as Music, Painting, Photography, Poetry and finds himself lost in this wold in his free time.

So you will not be hiring or experiencing your run of the mill magician or mentalist, you will be experiencing a once in a life time moment with Russell in his phycological art. By study, collaboration and fusion of human behaviour and phycology with mentalism he has created a genre of the art that has not only been great on stage but is so effective with breaking mind sets in terms of how people perceive their lives and circumstances that he has been able to help many over come and change their negative perceptions and mind sets of their lives and in this way have break through and advance in their futures.

Russell’s magic has seen him performing nationally and internationally for some of the most profound and amazing companies, television series and people, e.g. The Prince Of Saudi Arabia, Carlo Mac Farlane from Back Stage, Mac Stanley, Arno Carstens, Carol Bauer, Fishy Fashions (SABC3), My Super Sweet World Class (MTV EUROPE), Emo Adams – JOU SHOW (Mnet) and is sponsored by Primi Piatti international.

Be assured If your looking for a unique entertainment experience, MC or a life altering worship for you your guests or staff then look no further, Russell will leave you and your guests with a phycological experience never to forget.


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