Based: Johannesburg

‘’Alfidounia” Drummers, meaning One in a Thousand.

Facilitated by a professional drummer and percussionist that has played with a large repertoire of greek singers and middle eastern musicians both locally and abroad, and has been in the corporate entertainment industry since 2004.

Although the ALFIDOUNIA group is a fairly new concept in South Africa, every effort is made to create the most memorable event for the bride and groom on their special day.

The group consists of drummers 3 – 4 Drummers  with Darbuka and the following can be added: bouzouki player, saxophone and highly trained professional bellydancers.

The theme for the band is “Welcoming”. All drummers enter the main hall before the bride and groom, playing traditional ‘’Zaffa’’ drums from Lebanon very loudly, to welcome the bridal party.

The set consists of 2-3 songs of blood pumping, adrenaline flowing energy, so as to ensure the wedding is one to remember!