Based: Durban

Aaron McIlroy is one of South Africa’s most popular entertainers, both on the public and corporate entertainment circuits, with a string of stage blockbusters under his belt. These include, among other hits, his popular satires, The Loser, Mr Personality, My Cousin Brother, The Stand-Up, DOF, The Golfer and most recently Comedy Masterclass. Not forgetting the infamous part as Spud’s dad in all the Spud Movies.
Aaron has often teamed up with his wife and professional partner, actress Lisa Bobbert, in their award-winning two-hander, Defending the Planet and 7 Deadly Sins, as well as appearing in a succession of other hit shows including Belly Laughs and Abbamaniacs, their hugely popular tribute to the Swedish super group, Abba.

Aaron received the Durban Theatre Awards’ The Mercury Personality of the Year Award in 2007. While Aaron’s work in the South African Theatre industry has always focused on getting his ever-growing audience base to laugh till they cry, his creative skills as a fully trained and highly experienced actor/producer extend far beyond the scope of general Stand-up comedy entertainers.

In short, Aaron is notorious for getting his audiences’ stomachs aching and tears of mirth rolling. Director Susan Monteregge, who has worked with Aaron frequently, credits him with “single-handedly transforming theatre into an extreme sport”.