Based: Johannesburg

The celebrated JOY Dogs are Jazmine, Oscar And Yola – the famous Old English sheepdogs who feature in the paint advert on TV.

JOY Dogs offer a number of opportunities for events. They can work as therapy dogs, ranging from a full show with the dogs showing off their tricks, interesting facts about them and the breed and a display of products made from spun dog hair, or just a visit where everyone can interact with the dogs and touch them and take photos.

The wellness division of the JOY Dogs started in the second half of 2013. The JOY Dogs will now come to your business to entertain your staff leaving them feeling much more motivated and is a welcome break in the work day.

Sue Green will also give a talk about the JOY Dogs and the work that they do.  This is ideal for enhancing your function and the dogs will accompany her and show off their tricks as well as look beautiful and pose for photos.  The fact that they are celebrity dogs is a big plus.

The JOY Dogs are available for birthday parties, either at schools or party venues or at home. There are specific requirements for the JOY Dogs to attend parties as the environment / atmosphere should be calm so the dogs can feel comfortable. It is a great opportunity for memorable photos of your child’s birthday party.

They are also available for responsible pet ownership programmes at schools where they will show off their tricks to reinforce the educational part of the presentation.