Based: Cape Town

In the beginning of 2010 Reinhardt Buhr formed a World fusion instrumental act called “Wild Lettuce” He quickly became known for his wild live shows around South Africa, with the mesmerizing sounds of the Australian didgeridoo, crazy and unpredictable rhythms, exotic metal influenced solos and beautiful flamenco melodies. After only a few months Reinhardt Buhr opened for one of South Africa’s biggest and best selling rock bands, Prime Circle, and has since also opened the stage for various other leading artists like Arno Carstens and the Parlotones to name a few.

Reinhardt Buhr has released 4 albums since 2010. However, in each album you can clearly notice how his inspiration has driven him to evolve the sounds of his music, from starting out with just a guitar to now, only a few years later, having both Acoustic Guitar and Electric cello blending with electronic drums, hand percussion and the sounds of Australian Didgeridoos resonating the atmosphere. He has mastered the art of using live looping, creating enchanting sounds that seems almost impossible for only 1 person

Reinhardt Buhr makes use of a live looping pedal on which he records his spanish guitar, electric cello, electronic drums and australian didgeridoo’s building layer upon layer until it sounds like you listening to a big instrumental rock orchestra. , creating rhythms and vibes that creates restlessness in your body. The sounds created by Reinhardt Buhr can truly revive your soul and leave your imagination refueled.