Based: South Sudan

Activist , Artist ,Song writer and the ladies voice and the voice for the voiceless.

Tutu Baibe has officially become the first female artist to lead South Sudan’s popular music chart for a second week in a row.

Tutu is a third year student at St Lawrence University in Kampala, She is studying public Relations.

The rising stars who did not have much of a fan-base in South Sudan up until recently – has surprisingly become the talk of most South Sudanese music lovers and critics.

Promoters such as K2 and Data Gordan have both publicly expressed their support for the young lady who has not once done a show in her country. Her hit song “Acha Chak” sung in her native language – Dinka – talks about her passionate love for a boy that she has loved for years

Tutu has an affluent in background through singing of her own choruses. She makes dancehall sound sexy and her voice can be compared to that Twia Sawage, Yemi Alade and Jackie Chandiru.

Tutu has also collaborated with artists Uncle TJ; Twice B and Gudman and Young Blood. She recently said she would love to make one hit song with Silver X