Based: Cape Town

Tucan Tucan, A kaleidoscope of sound. World music. A vibrant melting pot of African rhythms such as Kwasa Kwasa, Marrabenta, Mbaqanga, Maskandi and High life with South American elements from Samba, Salsa and Chacarera with a strong jazz influence and lyrics in African languages, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

The desire of a group of musicians from different cultures and nationalities such as South Africa, Argentina and Mozambique, to unite and fuse different styles of music, resulted in the launch of World music Afro-tropical band TUCAN TUCAN.

FINALIST on the International Songwriting competition.

The show is an enchanting journey that captures the audience with soulful sounds to energetic up-tempo compositions, colourful dancing choreographies and band-audience interaction.

TUCAN TUCAN has released 2 Cds: “Xiluva” and “Make a Difference”.