Based: Cape Town | Italy

The Kelp Horn  is a unique african instrument made from a dry algae. It was played by the Bushman of Southern Africa with the same circular breathing technique of the famous Didjeridoo. Riccardo Moretti’s performance, TribalNeed , is based on the ancestral sounds of these two instruments and evokes ancient emotions with a contemporary twist.

The Performance has a loose timeframe and requires a very limited space, thus it is flexible and adaptable to the nature of each event. Riccardo accompanies the Didjeridoo and the KelpHorn with other African instruments like the Kalimba and melts the sound with an electronic looper: the effect is absolutely hypnotic. The audience will have the opportunity to interactively try the instruments.

Ricardo Morretti is an experienced professional musician, who regularly performs both in clubs and at the most important street theatre festivals, in Italy, and internationally (ex: Ferrara Buskers Festival (It), Street Life  (Munich),Pflasterspektakel (Linz), Sharp Sharp  (Bern), CapeTown Jazz Festival ). Several years ago he moved to South Africa, where he blended his own sound with new and stimulating musical influences culminating in the discovery of the Kelp Horn . These enriched his already multi-layered performance, which is a blend of organic and technological sounds: his work is available on 3 CDs . Riccardo is also a former member of the most influential bands in CapeTown (Iridium Project, Godessa, MoodPhase5ive).