Based: Cape Town

Rory Skinner and Matthias Silbernagl are the masterminds behind the instrumental thunderstorm called Titan Guitar Duo. A surprising blend of percussive flamenco influenced guitar beats with singing electric guitar melodies that will sweep you off your feet and onto the dance floor.
Having met in 2009 while studying music technology at Stellenbosch University, the two guitarists took part in annual events as part of a sideline project to showcase their fierce performance of stomping vibes and swaying melodies. Rory completed his studies at SU and received a bachelor’s degree in music technology in 2012. Matthias furthered his studies and received his Masters degree in music technology in 2016, while Rory has been an active performer and studio musician during that time. The two musicians played together for years and got to know each other’s stylistic and creative niche’s, but it wasn’t until early 2016 when they joined forces to establish the instrumental brainchild, Titan Guitar Duo