Based: Johannesburg

Johann Dieter Scheppel & Dirkie van Staden are originally classically trained musicians with each more than 17 years experience in the music industry, stretching from professional performance, teaching and composition. Blending a variety of genres, this crossover duo performs Irish, Gypsy, Folk, Spanish-Latin, Contemporary Flamenco, Acoustic, Classical & popular music with a serious BEAT! Influenced by Rodrigo y Gabriela, 2 Cellos, CH2 Guitar Duo, Gypsy Kings, right through to David Garret, Vanessa Mae, Lindsay Sterling & D#, their repertoire includes music by Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Coldplay, David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Gypsy Kings, latest hits from the charts, as well as stunning original compositions. Be sure to also hear famous dance, club and techno hits, arranged by this world class duo.

Johann plays both the acoustic violin and the extremely popular electric violin. Johann and Dirkie both plays YAMAHA instruments.

Dirkie van Staden started this guitar & violin duo concept in 2007 and have since performed with some of the leading violinists in South Africa. WORLD@SOUTH guitar & violin duo and Dirkie & Talisa has won 1st prize at 5 talent competitions, performed at the largest music festivals in South Africa and had many live performances on different TV programs and radio stations.

Instrumental music has no language boundaries, no cultural barriers and has a very soothing effect on the listener, yet it can be very energetic and festive. True instrumental magic!

Johann’s virtuoso passages and passionate melodies, joined by Dirkie’s lightning fast rhythms and percussive guitar playing, adds a unique stamp to the Duo and sound. You will hear sounds familiar of Spanish Flamenco, to traditional African kwela rhythms and even Eastern sounds right through to Japanese & Chinese vibes. Most definitely a captivating experience that easily falls into the world music category.

The visual impact of what they do on one violin and one nylon string guitar, mesmerizes audiences all over, as they create a very large sound. They don’t just sound like a duo, but rather 3 or 4 musicians performing together. They showcase the virtuoso technical possibilities on the instruments and is a must see live act. Ultimate professionality, showmanship, integrity, honesty and respect is what this duo stands for. Repertoire best suitable for the event, arrival at the event location early enough for setup before the performance, (depending on sound amplification requirements), just adds a sparkle to this remarkable duo’s profile.