Based: Cape Town

The Springbok Nude Girls burst onto South Africa’s indie music scene in the late 90’s and spent the next decade on the road and in the studio.  Between 1995 and 2007 the band had an incredible 15 releases.

This year, Springbok Nude Girls are back with the same electrifying force and energy that first brought them to the public’s attention 16 years ago.  In 1994 the band spent less than a week recording their first release, Neanderthal 1, which includes the cult classics, Bubblegum on my Boots, Stay, Managing Mula, I am Your Friend and I Know what I Want.

Nearly two decades later, they’ve followed the same maniacal formula.  In June this year, the band got together, after a 4 year recording hiatus, on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the coast of England where they spent just a week living together, writing and recording, as part of a music ‘experiment’.

As Arno Carstens says:  The brief was simple: lets get together and see what happens.  If we like what we hear at the end of it, then we can maybe release it.  No pressure, no interference.  So we pushed the boundaries of what’s supposed to be possible and I think the result is interesting.

The result is Apes With Shades, a 6 track EP filled with the same raw power, edgy madness and contradictory genius that has formed the pulse of the Nudies music since their inception.