Based: Johannesburg

Snotkop is renowned for its exceptional chatting skills, energy-laden rhythms and tongue-in-the-pick, sharp lyrics. His latest album, “HKGK”, embodies these musical traits in an album with hope kick!
You just have to look at the CD cover and title to know that this album was built for a GREAT visit where being calm and sweet is the last on the priority list.
The techno pop odor of the album is enhanced by polishing infectious bass lines that add tons of oemf to each of the 13 tracks. With high-octane tracks like “Cool Like Cozy Kitchen”, “How to Look”, “Woesterous”, “Touch Me Quietly”, “Meisie Ferguson”, “Let’s Kiss It Better” and “Dance and Stop” is one thing Very sure: if this album does not dance and get a party, you’re just getting too old for a proper visit!
“Nagskof opskop”, Snotkop’s duet with Liezel Pieters, is a striking piece of music that will make loose dance and sock dance floors packed, while “Dirkelicious’s remix of all freaking remixes” includes some great Snotkop favorites – Dikkelicious “,” Events that are important “and” Hiekies in Hartenbos “- mix in one gaze, six-minute hit which concludes the album on a high note.
Any visit of legendary proportions will begin with the lyrics of the title section on this album: “H-K-G-K, here it’s all right!”
The album is now available nationwide.

The hit-laden SNOTKOP album ‘I LIKE JOL’ wins a 2012 SAMA and reaches PLATINUM STATUS! His new album “Oppas” has just been released and promises to repeat the same success!

SA’s popular, SAMA WENNER, Snotkop is one of the country’s most popular artists who stole the hearts of thousands of people with his talent, music, passion and contagious energy!

With packed sales and with more than 150,000 albums, Snotkop has already sharpened its brand in the music industry.

From the five Snotkop releases, four albums for SAMA awards were nominated for best Afrikaans Pop album. Snotkop also won no less than 9 awards, including MK, Tempo and Vonk awards, and in 2012, I dropped off jol with SAMA for Best Sock Dance Dance.

All his albums have so far been a unique journey of life to where Francois finds himself today …

He has grown up in Johannesburg, Randburg, and from a little while he has dreamed of living on stage with a microphone in hand. Francois studied drama at Tswane University after a difficult couple of years at school as the black sheep, dreaming to become a big star one day. With hard work and faith, he managed to get one of SA’s Top names in the music industry.

From a very young age he started working on his career and made recordings of his music he sent to big plate companies …

His first major break, however, came in 2002 when he broke his first plaque contract as SA’s first white kwaito star under the name ‘Lekgoa’. It was immediately a runaway success and the next five years he spent between thousands of screaming fans from Soweto to Botswana.

Lekgoa also completed a very successful tour in France and London with one of the country’s biggest names such as Soul Brothers and Mahotella Queens and performed in the south of France on the same stage as Johnny Clegg. CNN immediately placed an interest in the unique artist with the irreplaceable energy on stage and shot a documentary about his interesting life and career broadcast around the world.

Francois, was also featured as actor on programs like Seventh Avenue, Generations, MK’s Petrolkop presenter and played the unforgettable role of ‘Riekie’ on the very popular RSG and Kyknet radio drama ‘Stralejakkers’.

In 2006 Francois decided it was time to make his native language in Dutch under the stage name ‘Snotkop’, and that was a massive success overnight. As a teenager, Francois was very focused, and it sometimes caused him to be stubborn and rebellious. His father, Jan, baptized him Snotkop, a pet name from the young that Francois is very close to.

“The songs on my albums represent exactly who i am singing and raping about relationships, happiness, disappointments, love, my journey through life, couples, my dreams, human things that I experienced as an Afrikaner and who made me who I am today “.
The lyrics are honest and old and young will understand immediately what Snotkop is talking about!

“We are all human, happiness and sadness, I love to write about ordinary things the ordinary guy experiences, we all chase nonsense, couples and work hard, I laugh at some situations in which we sometimes find myself Is who I am, learn from my mistakes, and have fun in the process, we sometimes forget to just celebrate who we are. ”

Francois made his mark clear to write his name against the wall and inspire people to do the same.
“Be proud