Based:  Johannesburg

Born in Swaziland (Manzini) 1987.He was raised in his native land; he then migrated to South Africa (Soweto) at age 14. The influence of Ngwane ‘rap’, Soweto’s kasi ‘rap’ and the middle era’s gangster ‘rap’. MOC, together with his bit makers gave birth to a new African unique sound, establishing himself as core Swaziland art sensation. 

Ngwane rap
Armed with a pen and paper he would write his own Gospel songs. Realizing that he wasn’t a good vocalist, he started doing the gospel lyrics in ‘rap’. With his school friend Majaheni, they would use school desks as a bit to their rap. This gave him the spirit of being a true ‘rap’ artist. However, being raised by a grandmother had an impact in his love for rap as he was thought morals and respect, but with rap he had to sound like a gangster, this lead to him doubting the idea of ‘rap’, but he ended up finding his way around the concern by using the lyrics as a positive message in a gangster manner. Owen, a friend from high school who was also into ‘rap’ became best friends with Sipho and this time the love for rap grew even more.