Based: Cape Town

Areas of Expertise

a. Systems thinking

b. The demartini method

c. Multistakeholder engagement d. Biomimicry

Acturban: Shannon Royden-Turner

After completing a Master’s in Architecture, followed by a Master’s in Urban Infrastructure Design and Management, and 12 years in the private sector as an urban designer, Shannon Royden-Turner became increasingly aware of the lack of creativity applied to the design and imaginings of our future cities, especially infrastructure futures. Her study of systems thinking and urban metabolism lead her onwards to the study of biomimicry. At its deepest level, it is the study of life itself, and how we can create conditions within our human systems that are conducive to more life. Biomimicry is the science that studies nature’s designs and translates them into design solutions for our challenges. Her dream is to create future cities that give you the same feeling as when you walk into a forest, a feeling of harmony and beauty.

Keynote Topics 1. Transform Urban Futures

Following a process of visualise, strategise, actualise we use systems thinking, biomimicry, the demartini method® and multi-stakeholder

engagement processes to enable urban systems transformation. Actuality has pioneered a new planning and design methodology focused on disciplinary integration, collective decision making and developing human potential; eliminating conflict, reducing wasted time and resources while ensuring highest quality outcomes.

2. Visionary Futures Masterclass

This powerful training enables you to lead change, transforming your city, business, organisation or industry towards a visionary future.

Learn and apply powerful processes and tools to visualise, strategize and actualise visionary futures for your city. This intensive training program is intended for leaders in business, government, and non-profit sectors with the desire to have an inspiring impact at scale within cities, and who want to create the future of cities — not simply react to it.