Based: Cape Town

The Samson Brothers were born and bred to to play for audiences. They are South African natives raised on African beats and Soulful rhythms, their sound is uniquely fresh.

Their father, Cedric Samson, is a producer, composer, and a drummer with 2 Grammy nominations.

Growing up in and around various studios and big stages, helped to shape a solid foundation for the brothers. It taught them early on in life the level of work ethic that that is required to succeed.

Matthew and Josh are self-taught musicians who began playing instruments at a young age. They have both dedicated their lives to their artistic and technical excellence.

Throughout his career, Matthew has earned numerous accolades, such as a spot in the Top 18 of Idols South Africa 2012, the South African equivalent of ‘American Idol’. From 2013 to 2018, Matt toured with Disney Cruise Lines, adding his own stylistic flair to the top tracks of the day as a loop artist -making him the first South African musician to work for Disney, where he won Musician of the Year twice. Working with Disney aided Matthew to achieve his 10,000 hours of gigging time. Along with this, he has toured with South African Artists and played many studio sessions.

Josh started singing at 3 years old, playing drums at 6, performing at 9, and writing songs at 16. He has been shown on SA television many times for his drumming and acting skills and he is the song writer for the Samson Brothers.

His innate ability for storytelling is evident in his lyrics, which are simplistic in nature yet effortlessly capture his listeners’ hearts. He also produces and plays 5 instruments.

At age 12 he was rated in SADrum Magazine as the “top 5 drummers in South Africa.”

He has stared in feature films, international adverts, and wowed many audiences with his unique approach for vocals, drums and guitar.

In 2006 they started their band “Samson” where Matt sang and Josh played the drums.

In August 2008, they played at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Celebration at the Joburg Stadium in Johannesburg for over 30,000 people, including Nelson Mandela himself.