Based: Johannesburg

Tech Girl is a South African tech blog for women… but it is a bit more than that. It is a space where myself and some of my friends share our love for gadgets gaming and all things geek with you. We simplify the tech specs, provide “geek” lifestyle content and even throw in some gaming fun.I’m a South African technology and content creator. I have a community of ladies who support content I create here on the blog, on my YouTube channel and across my various social networks.

After completing a BA Journalism and BA Honours degree in Communication Science I started working at YFM, one of South Africa’s biggest youth radio stations. I subsequently made the move to corporate, from there spending a good few years at an engineering firm and some time at a marketing agency before turning Tech Girl in to my full time gig. I’m a blogger but I’m also a YouTuber and now even try my hand at live streaming from time to time. I’m also the South African brand ambassador for Razer and am currently signed with Codered Esports who represent me in a talent capacity.

I was the brains and the hands that made Acer for Gaming and the 2017 Valkyrie Challenge possible. I’ve hosted numerous esports competitions in South Africa and internationally. These include the big ones like an ESL stage at Gamescom 2017, Overwatch Contenders Europe, the Samsung Galaxy CSGO Championship and even the 2017 Crossfire Grand Finals in China. I get to travel the world sharing my love with esports with you, and that is pretty cool.

I write for RedBull Esports and W24. I have a regular segment on 5fm called #GamerGlitch which occurs every Sunday at 8:15am.  I’ve popped up on most of the major television and radio channels in South Africa at some point chatting about gaming, technology and esports.