Based: Johannesburg

Ryki has been destined for the limelight since she started singing at the age of 8. “One day it just came out of me and it hasn’t stopped since,’ says the 18 year old radiant star. Ryki is powerfully magnetic with an aura of humility that belies her hard working ambition.

Starting her own writing through songs and poetry at the age of 11, Ryki was heavily influenced by Amy Winehouse and “soulful RnB” and went on to find her own voice through a sultry, nuanced take on her influences. She’s inspired not specifically by music she wants to recreate, but by the essence of the way certain songs move her.

Ryki’s debut single Such a Mess featuring Kyle Watson showcases his signature deep sound and Ryki’s unmistakable vocal prowess and is a fantastic introduction to a new artist who is already making waves on the South African music landscape.

Ryki is was working with an eclectic selection of producers, aiming to release her debut EP in early 2017.