Based: Johannesburg

Ruby Tuesday is a 5-Piece Oldies cover band.
We believe the best music ever was produced in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, and
that is what we play, with a few exceptions .
After decades in the business, we know exactly how to get a dance floor
buzzing, or if you prefer, we can entertain you with laid back music for
We are extremely passionate about bringing our music to our audience. We
strive to perfection and pride ourselves on playing cover songs as they
should be played, and we love harmonies
Band Members
Ruby Tuesday is fortunate to have Jo Day as our lead female vocalist, well
known for her powerful versatile voice and vibrant stage persona
Jo has done duty as lead vocalist for many bands, including Syndicate,
X-rated and No Quarter
She is ably complemented by Keith Mc Farlane on lead male vocals, who is
also lead guitarist in the band. Keith might be remembered as lead vocalist
for Face to Face, who had huge success in South Africa and abroad with “Here
we Are” and other hits. He has also toured the UK extensively , playing for
various bands.
On bass and lead guitar we have Silvio Puzzolo, our Italian import. He spent
most of his professional career in Italy as musician and musical director
Piet Herbst is behind the keys and backing vocals. Passionate about music
since school days, he has forever been surrounding himself with musicians
and band members, including Time Piece, Pierre de Charmoy and the guys from
Last but not least is Justine McFarlane who adds some essential vocal
harmonies and percussion. She used to be a member ods the all girl group The
Working Girls and have also toured the UK with her own band.