Based: Johannesburg

No stranger to radio and the 5FM block, Rob Forbes has over eight years of on-air experience to his radio accolade belt, which includes producing, club DJing as well as on-air presenting. Rob Forbes is also an award-winning radio personality, having scooped the 2012 MTN Radio Award for Best Campus Radio Breakfast Show Presenter for his work just before joining 5FM in April 2012.

Rob started his career in radio at Tuks FM, initially as a producer and later as a presenter as well, working his way up from graveyard to the top spot as the station’s breakfast show host. Rob loves the unique challenge that radio presents as a live format and the opportunity to constantly share new things with his audience. 5FM represents “an opportunity to reach one of the largest and coolest audiences in the country,” he says. Rob plans to stay in the radio industry with the goal of hosting his own breakfast show on commercial radio.

Rob matriculated from St Albans College in Pretoria before studying at the University of Pretoria, which is where he discovered his love of radio after he applied at the local campus station, Tuks FM.

Rob is a self-confessed rocker at heart, having grown up on an early-90s diet of AC/DC, Guns n Roses and Nirvana, although he now maintains he’s very happy listening to anything that isn’t country or R&B. In his spare time Rob is a football and rugby fanatic, and says that he loves reading “good literature, not just the usual paperbacks or page-turners. I’ve always loved English language, even at varsity.”

Rob has a very relaxed style on-air, always ready with a smart comment and a good laugh (even if it’s at himself).

His show has always been about fun, and the features he’s launched at 5FM have maintained that light, fun and easy feel. His show is about creating new content by “going out and doing things which can then be shared on air”, he says, and about “trying to engage the audience from an angle that no-one else would think of”.

Catch Rob on the “FORBES & FIX SHOW” on 5FM Monday-Fridays 13h00 – 16h00.