Based: Pretoria

He’s been working hard perfecting his craft for years and after inking a deal with Inhoud Huis and Universal Music South Africa, Roan Ash is finally ready for his formal introduction. The star premiered his debut single ‘If I Ever Saw Heaven’ today and it’s already piqued the interests of stars such as Jo Black, Janie Bay and Dewald Wasserfall. The track serves as the lead single to the star’s debut album ‘Whisky To My Soul’ which drops on the 9th of March.

From the very first note of ‘If I Ever Saw Heaven’, Roan commands your attention. His voice is phenomenal and has a comforting element to it which ensures his delivery of the romantic ballad is authentic. The song explores the challenges that exist in a relationship and the star, alongside co-writer Christoph Kotzé, tackles the subject well. It’s evident that the lyrical content means a lot to the singer who used the song as a way of therapy.

Like most artists, Roan’s love for music started out as a kid at the age of just 13 back in 1991 when he was having problems learning how to play the guitar. As a child, he used to play at school carnivals and other small events like weddings. He started curtain raising for other bands in 2006. Some of his inspirations include Elton John, John Mayer, Bon Jovi, and other legends.

Roan Ash started emerging in 2015 when he managed to release an album titled The Traveler although it did not have as much success. Later, in 2016, he joined season 1 of the Voice SA where he managed to increase his national presence. After Roan Ash The Voice, the artist worked with the likes of Dawie De Jager and Bouwer Bosch to release the theme song for “Sy Klink Soos Lente,” which is a feature film. In the same year, 2016, he joined Inhoud Huis team where he has worked with Johan Vorster, Christoph Kotze, and other songwriters. All this hard work culminated in the release of his proper studio album in 2018. Looking at Whiskey to My Soul lyrics and If I Ever Saw Heaven lyrics, you can tell that Ash is only getting started. In 2018 alone, three of his shows were completely sold out.