Based: Johannesburg

Since Radio Kalahari Orchestra ( RKO ) was launched in 2005 KKNK , they have the hearts and feet of the nation demanded nationwide . Their followers are so wydversrpeid as their music . English, black , Capies … all are touched and amused by the ‘ band ‘ .

Leading the pack is the beloved stoepsitter of the Kalahari Oasis , Boet ( Ian Roberts ) . He leads the orchestra in a lively , sometimes preposterous display of the best music Afrikaans surely provides. They can sing ! And harmonica playing , riel , dance and guitars hitting …

RKO was a hit at Oppikoppi and Innibos . At the KKNK people behind them during performance to performance . Pretoria was every appearance of RKO fully booked weeks in advance .

The music is unique and truly South African, with influences from all over the treasury of the country’s culture . On the album , no genre left alone not of goema to rock ; Kwaito to boeremusiek … and of course many more . The band ‘s instruments include guitars , banjos , mandolin , harmonica , kazoo , pennywhistle , fiddle , drums … and the beautiful Krummelpoppies on backing vocals .

RKO contemplated within the next few months their next CD to bring people and promised to back their chairs to light and on the dance floor.

The songs ‘s lyrics not turn bold. The entire landscape of being South African is examined – from rugby to affirmative action, love of harm to meat – eating .
From the pen of Ian Roberts is also a brilliant song about the master detective Piet Byleveld .

The men behind most of the tunes are mostly Dan Roberts and writer Rian Malan journalist , who also has his own album Alien / Native released with remarkable enthusiasm is .

Malan also the theater piece , The nightwalker written , dealing with the life of the 1930 ‘s boeremusiek hero David de Lange . RKO will be the future of this exciting nouveu – boeremusiek songs by adding their performance –

So , pull up your opskopskoene , because here comes a thing …

Media response so far :
” There’s a thing ! ” – Dirk Jordan Image
” Music that starts at your feet, then kicks in your body and eventually end up in your head – Marguerite Robinson Report Magazine
” The intelligent indigenous music that the country ‘ve ever seen ‘- Theunis Engelbrecht Report
” This is what truly mixed , indigenous South African music mag sound like ‘ – Diane de Beer , Pretoria News
” At last ! Music That Makes Sense ! I guarantee that u will not be Able to sit still When they ‘ play’ – Charles de Olim , The Star
‘ Young rockers , take note – These old fogeys know some sh * t – SL