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Based: Johannesburg

I wanted to alert you to a speaker, Pavlo Phitidis, who is Aurik’s co-founder and CEO. He presents on topics around entrepreneurial mindsets, SMEs and their role in the economy, building business, driving innovation among others.

He has just released a book, called Sweat Scale $ell which tells stories about business owners who have successfully built their businesses, as well as insights into how anyone can do it.

If you have clients who are looking for an uplifting, inspirational business geared talk, with practical takeouts, Pavlo is a stellar option.

Reset Rebuild Reignite – Crises can take many forms in business, and tend to follow one after the next. Through the right mindset and action, you can build your business to thrive in any crisis, and Pavlo shares stories of businesses that got it right, and practical insights on how to get it right in your business. SIZE: 30 – 300 segmented by lifestage DURATION: 90 minutes

Scale for Sale – Take your business to the next level in terms of both growth & value. In this punchy session Pavlo will unpack what ‘next level’ means in terms of growth and value, as well as how to achieve these outcomes. He will also explore the ultimate destination of any business: how to secure a capital exit.

Digitise or Die – Far from technology for the sake of it, the much-lauded 4th Industrial Revolution uses tech to enable scale. Failing to digitise will make you uncompetitive, and you risk falling behind, fast. This practical session explores how to digitise your business to ramp up productivity & profitability.