Based: Johannesburg

Patricia Glyn is a South African eco- adventurer, writer and inspirational speaker. She’s a former radio and television broadcaster, her books are best sellers in her home country and her keynote talks are highly sought after locally and internationally.

‘Off Peak’ is her account of the Discovery expedition to Mount Everest in 2003. ‘Footing with Sir Richard’s Ghost’ is about her 2 200 kilometre walk along the 19th century hunter/trader routes to the interior of Africa.

Her ancestor, Sir Richard George Glyn and his brother Robert came to African in 1863, lured to the continent by David Livingstone’s recently published account of his ‘discovery’, The Victoria Falls. Armed with Richard’s diary and with her African dog by her side, Patricia shadowed the 1863 expedition of her forebears along the river systems of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.