Based: Malawi

The singer who is enjoying heydays of his music career having bounced back in 2014 with Nalero, is undoubtedly Malawi’s man of the moment.

Born Nepman Longwe, the Ndirande resident has performed at Amadoda in South Africa on many occasions. He once travelled with Malawi’s afro pop star Piksy, early this year and their show was another memorable experience as the hall was robbed of all its spaces having been overfilled.

Nepman is Malawi’s most featured artist who has worked with local music giants on uncountable projects. He has also collaborated with many up and coming artists, a development that largely makes him subject to negative criticism as people believe the artist needs to have a choice on who to feature.

He has recently worked with a youngsters group W Twice on a song entitled Wadusa Pompa. The chorus injected by Nepman himself is a killer punch that has made the art work a trending hit.