Based: Johannesburg

‘Ndlovu’ is a vibrant chorus of African song and dance. These young singers and dancers are committed to making their audiences smile, clap, sing and feel the

warm spirit of Ubuntu in their hearts. The choir promises to deliver an experience of infectious joy. ‘Ndlovu’ performs an impressive assortment of South African

music ranging from Afro-Pop/Jazz classics to traditional South African music and arrangements of international hits that creatively incorporate a variety of South

African genres. The choir delivers a toe-tapping and energetic South African musical performance irresistibly combined with mesmerising choreography.

Performances highlights include collaborations with choirs from Denmark and Canada as well as performances in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. In

September 2018, the choir will be releasing their 3rd album produced by multiple Grammy Award-winning producers Rachel Faro and Jimmy Douglas. As their

youthful smiles light up their faces, they will remind you of the very best South Africa has to offer.