Entrepreneur. Strategy. Innovation

Based: Cape Town

Mosidi Modise is an enthusiastic, strategic thinker who has the uncanny ability to think out of the box and bring innovative ideas to life and foster meaningful conversation amongst an audience, making her a sought-after moderator and strategic conversation facilitator. Her mission in life is to use her talents and abilities to add value to society. She is also a passionate motivator, particularly for women and loves a good MC gig.
She has moderated conversations on several platforms such as the World Economic Forum, TEDx Cape Town , for companies such as Allan Gray and has expertise in conceptualising webinars from scratch for entities to achieve their strategic communication objectives.
She is a sought after speaker around the topic of the future of work , having co-authored a report titled `Shaping the Future of Work` in 2020 which was soft-launched at the Annual Meeting in Davos hosted by the World Economic Forum. She has participated in several panels locally and internationally providing insights on the topic, primarily on what the future of work means from an African perspective.
She is the managing director of Pivot Ventures which owns Moop – an advisory firm specialising in strategy, project management and creative communication services, serving clients such as the World Bank and companies in the private equity industry.
She has 12 years work experience in investment management, hospitality and management consulting industry. Mosidi holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a B-Com Marketing degree. She is an alumni member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community and currently an editorial fellow at The Org.com a U.S based tech firm writing articles about business trends in Africa on their behalf.