Based: Johannesburg

Michael Cowen, an ex-Digital Agency, ex-Digital Management Consultant, now turned Explorer of The Future. Michael helps business to shift the thinking and to redefine their underlying operating system within a digital economy.

Today’s world demands a different operating system. The old one has been disrupted by exponential technology at exponential speeds. It’s no longer business as usual! Exponential thinking is required within this new digital economy.

Michael helps business understand how to transform and disrupt themselves.

Keynote Topics

1. Digital Economics

The underlying operating system is being redefined and requires a massive shift in thinking. This goes beyond #ThinkingDigitally and building a digital business. These are built on an operating system that governs how we do things. You need to start with understanding the change in the operating system and #ShiftYourThinking into a post capitalistic world.

2. #ShiftYourThinking: Disrupt Yourself before you become irrelevant

You need to change your business, the results that you are getting, and how you scale your business tomorrow requires you to think digitally.

Why? Because we are now in the digital economy, where we see:

• How you scale your business is defined by how well you embrace technology, converting inefficiencies process through technologically driven automation.
• Driving towards zero margin costs through digital dematerialization. Data feedback loops growing your business through real insights and understanding as opposed to strategic assumption.
• The speed of change defines your ability to compete rather than the uniqueness and differentiation of who you are and what solutions you offer.

3. The 3 Steps to Digital Disruption

Based on this two-sided strategy, we see three key steps to the digital transformation process. We all know how hard digital transformation is and you need to keep the structure practical and simple we see 3 key steps:

a. Refine the Core
b. Refocus the Core
c. Reinvent The Core and who it serves