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Based: Johannesburg

Michael Cowen, CEO of is a driving force in the AI revolution. With a background in leadership roles at Deloitte Digital and Mindshare, he’s also an experienced entrepreneur, having founded five startups.

Now, he’s shifted gears to lead Global AI Business , applying his groundbreaking ‘Philosophy of Flow’ to change traditional business norms.

Founded in late 2019, not only weathered the pandemic but emerged stronger. Michael’s radical leadership involved applying AI’s philosophical principles to define the company’s decentralised structure, exponential culture, and modern ways of working.

This innovative approach has enabled to deliver game-changing benefits to its clients.

Michael lives in Johannesburg, is still happily married to his first wife, and is a proud parent to two teenage boys.

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, Michael remains committed to steering businesses towards success in this new era, urging them to embrace agility and innovation.

Keynote Topics

The Philosophy of Flow 
The “Philosophy of Flow” keynote by Michael Cowen is a game-changing discourse that goes beyond AI’s capabilities to explore its foundational principles. It guides business leaders in aligning their organisational structures, cultures, and philosophies with AI’s core tenets. This isn’t just a call for tech adoption but a roadmap for a fundamental business transformation. Michael argues that to truly harness AI’s potential, one must first ‘flow’ with its underlying essence. The talk is a catalyst for not just adapting to the AI revolution, but leading it.
  • Scaling AI disruption
  • Building exponential cultures
  • Exploring decentralised business models (Bottom Up Swarm)
  • Adopting AI Means Leading, Building, and Growing Differently.
  • Guiding CEO’s and Exec’s to get the most out of AI with a different way of doing old things!
  • Transforming Businesses through Strategic Leadership and Technological Innovation

The “Philosophy of Flow” is an approach to business that can help organizations of all sizes get the most out of AI. Teraflow AI is a leading expert in this area, and they can help businesses of all sizes adopt this philosophy and achieve their goals.

Conferences of interest: Leadership, HR, AI, Business, C-Suite, Culture, Staff, Innovation, Strategy, Disruption. 

More about the keynote:
 “Unlock the secrets of ‘The Philosophy of Flow,’ where your business morphs from a rigid machine into a self-learning, adaptable system—just like AI.

 This keynote explores two transformative pillars: ‘Assembling’ dynamic, swarm-based teams that mimic the principles of AI, and ‘Amplifying’ your staff’s potential to deliver exponential results.

 Drawing from his experiences of building into a global AI business and sharing high-profile case studies, Michael dissect the essential shifts needed to evolve into a future-focused organisation.

Key takeaways:

  • Harnessing AI’s Philosophical Principles for Business Disruption
  • Cultivating an Exponential Culture to Unleash Human Potential

  • Employing a Decentralised, Swarm-Based Business Model

This keynote offers an actionable blueprint for scaling infinitely, making it a must-see for any organisation looking to accelerate its AI transformation and future-proof its operations.”