Based: Cape Town

In 2000 I founded Mark Berger Training, a group of like-minded associates specializing in strategy, training, facilitation, motivation and implementation.Since then I have been privileged to train thousands of employees for hundreds of clients.

My objective is to teach and learn at the same time, a process of continual improvement. I take a deep interest in my clients and their business, ensuring that my customized intervention is highly relevant to their specific needs.

As a serial entrepreneur, I am first and foremost a Salesman and proud of it. I believe that professional selling is an art and a science. We as sales professionals must continually refine and improve our skills to stay on top of the sales game.In my experience, selling is the most under-trained profession on the planet. This is why I became a sales training specialist and created the Street Smart Selling Skills Programme. A programme designed to equip sales people with the essential knowledge, tools, skills and mindsets to thrive as sales professionals.

I sell every single day. Everything I teach is based on my 30+ years of sales and entrepreneurial experience.
I believe that knowledge is power. My life’s work is about finding the best tools to improve performance, both personal and business.And then sharing those tools with you, my valued client!