Based: Johannesburg

Marcus Wyatt, of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape has been blowing his  own horn since 1983.
He is part of a new generation of South African musicians, moving forward, respectful of the past without being afraid of twisting boundaries. Marcus’ new album “Language 12” is testament to this, with a seamless blend of tradition and progressive thinking, contemporary loop-based ideas and live performance.
This young trumpet player has performed around the globe, and worked with an impressive array of musicians, from Manu Dibango; Abdullah Ibrahim and Miriam Makeba to Carlo Mombelli; Courtney Pine and The Fra Fra Sound (Holland). Marcus Wyatt’s first two albums “Gathering” and “Africans in Space” feature South Africa’s finest Jazz musicians, and have both been nominated for South African Music Awards(SAMA). As well as playing every major festival in South Africa,Marcus has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival (Holland);Stockholm Jazz Festival (Sweden)and The Villa Celimontana Festival in Rome,Italy.
“Marcus Wyatt is a shining star in the sky of contemporary South African Jazz. Aware of the important legacy upon which he adds his fresh melodies, he nonetheless strives towards the definition of a novel sound, one which is consciously abandoning characteristically South African patterns, opening up for creativity beyond the accepted norms. His sound is subtle yet steamy, and the freshness and honesty of his lyrical approach is one of the reasons why this country can boast about a certain vitality in their jazz scene.” – Henri M Yere – North Sea Jazz Festival (Cape Town)