Based: Eswatini

Multi-award-winning Professional Swati comedian. A dedicated servant to all your laughter needs

For the longest time, comedy in the Kingdom of Eswatini was not taken as a serious art form. Smallz the comedian paved the way through hard work and commitment.

He now represents the country on local and international stages and is considered to be amongst the best.

The comedy industry has not been one to be noticed that much. It is only recently that we have seen a number of people in Eswatini venturing into it. It is in recent events that we are now seeing comedy shows being sold out as people now take interest in it.

He joined a group called Pelepele, where he did a drama performance acting as ‘budding actor’. From that he went on and became a member of S’dleke Entertainment House, based in Ludzeludze, where he ended up getting a nickname ‘S’bhintjontjo’.

“It was an important platform in nurturing my craft as a performer and well-balanced artist overall. Something which was also moulded by my debating and chorister tendencies at school in 2015 Smallz then decided to join South African comedy showed called the LOL.

Pioneered by the Manzini North Member of Parliament, Macford Sibandze, it was then that his mettle was tested. According to Smallz the name ‘Smallz’ was given to him by his class-mate, Tsepo Maseko as back in the days he used to be petite.