Based: Johannesburg

Lukhanyo Neer is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and Africa’s development. He is driven by a desire to see Africa developed in his lifetime that has seen him build or help build initiatives that are aimed at addressing Africa’s issues and further developing it.

Lukhanyo Neer is currently Programmes and Projects Lead for the Thabo Mbeki Foundation and helps to drive the Foundation’s mission of achieving Africa’s renaissance by developing and implementing projects and programmes aimed at solving the political, social and economic challenges that Africa faces.

In 2019, he was Convenor of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation’s Working Group on Education in the Age of the 21st Century, a multi-stakeholder working group comprised of educators, academics, civil society, business, policymakers and thought leaders to tackle the complex question of what practical steps South Africa needs to take in order to lay the foundation for a successful transition to a new epoch in education.

Lukhanyo is also co-founder of In Sole Brands, a Johannesburg-based consumer goods startup targeting beauty and personal care opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa and its mission is to create Africa’s leading beauty and personal care business, providing products and experiences that delight African consumers and satisfy their unique needs.

Additionally, Lukhanyo is chairperson of the Heavy Chef Foundation, an education nonprofit focused on inclusive entrepreneur education that aims to provide access to learning for disconnected entrepreneurs.