Based: Limpopo

Formally know as Limpopo African acrobatics we expand our network from acrobats artists to varieties of African performance includes
African dancers and musicians, our motto is to reach your entertainments needs and dazzling you throughout our performance. Our artists are very professional and experience on entertainments industry.

Most of our artists has been into industry for more than decade and entertained into four continents Africa,Asia,Australia and Europe .
The Limpopo’s entertainers worked in different places includes Circuses across Europe’s and Asia,Amusement parks,Hotels and Casino,s,Cruise ships, Gala,s shows,Theaters,promotions shows, shopping malls as well as Cruise ships.

We are able to choreograph and put the show from 1 minutes to 45 minutes,our artists can work with other artists to create all round stage show.
We can interact with audience ,also we can put a joy fun family show or more serious productions ,furthermore we can adapt and carter to our clients needs,we always believe no events is big or small always we keep our work in professional level.