Based: Johannesburg

Katy’s sixth sense about news combined with her courage and integrity have seen her rise rapidly through the ranks from reporter to talk show host to her current position as Eyewitness News editor-in-chief.
Katy’s first job in broadcasting was with a community radio station and the radio bug bit immediately. Since then, she’s broken a number of major national and international news stories, was appointed the youngest ever News Editor at Talk Radio 702 in 2001 and was made editor-in-chief across all four Primedia Broadcasting stations a few years later.
Katy has also made the news from time to time. Most notably for lodging a formal complaint with the HRC after white journalists were barred from attending a lunch with ANC leader Jacob Zuma. The Commission ruled in her favour and found that exclusion based on race alone was indeed unconstitutional.
Katy is a fierce advocate for media freedom and is vocal in her opposition to the so-called secrecy bill.
The list of accolades she has received is lengthy, including being the only South African selected for a USA vistorship programme based on her excellent leadership qualities in 2002. The Lyceum Club of Women in Joburg awarded her for excellence in journalism in 2006; she was named one of “200 Young South Africans you have to take to lunch” by the Mail&Guardian in 2008 and was appointed a judge for the regional leg of the SADC Journalism Awards in 2009.
Katy is an active mentor to a team of talented young journalists who comprise the EWN team. Her ability to identify potential and nurture it is evident in the growing list of breaking news stories and awards her team brings in.