Based: Cape Town

Jonathan was passionate about music from an early age, and was moved intensely by musicians like Simon and Garfunkel, this lead to his later interest in Folk music.

On his 14th Birthday, Jono got his first guitar as a present from his Mom, a gift that would change his life. Jono would spend hours every day learning new guitar patterns and emulating some of the melodies he was listening to. It was then that he also discovered his unique vocal tone and he started experimenting with his own patterns, melodies and lyrics.

By age 17 he had become enough of an accomplished musician and singer to start doing live performances, which lead to a suggestion by a friend that he should enter a talent contest, hosted by the acclaimed Musical Theatre Guru, Richard Loring, where he made the finals. It was during his finals performance that he was spotted by Music Composer and Producer, Gabi Le Roux, who was one of the Judges from the competition. Le Roux decided on the spot to offer Jono a Recording Contract with his Kaleido-Media Label and on his 18th Birthday in February 2014, Jono signed the deal and entered the world of Professional Music. Part of the Agreement was Jono’s attendance of Le Roux’s 2 year Master Class Program.

Since the completion of the album, Jonathan and the Label have parted ways. Jonathan now tries his hand at the music industry from his studio in the Deep South.