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Based: Cape Town

I have been privileged to discover and develop a methodology called ‘Forever Profitable’ and it is my pleasure to share it with everyone.

There are three core components to this methodology, each designed to successfully launch your company into the future; a future in which your business will be ‘Forever Profitable’.


Trenovate™ is the first phase of this methodology; a process of immersion whereby the executive committee members are invited to a series of workshops as we evaluate and un-pack the 3 key pillars that impact every touch point of your organisation.

In the second part of Trenovate™ we prepare, for organisational adoption, the trend-informed Innovation. Checking each aspect of who will be affected by the shifts, is essential to mission success which is why I conduct workshops to develop the perfect consumer journey and internal staff culture prior to implementation.

The Future of your Industry and Possible Competitors

Understanding where your industry is going both locally and globally is paramount to shaping your decision making. It is imperative to understand who your future competitors will be and where they may come from.

To map out the future of your industry we need to take into account:

What will the sector look like in the future.
What other sectors do you need to focus on and move into.
Who your future competitors will be.
How best to deal with these competitors.
Who do you need to possibly synergise with.
Your Future Consumer

Identifying the needs of your future consumer – sometimes before they do themselves – to ensure business readiness to meet those needs.

To map out the Journey of your Future Consumers, we evaluate everything from:

Social impact
Environmental impact

The Future of your Employees

Understanding the new skills that your internal talent will need in order to best perform with the future in mind. To stay ahead of the crowd, we explore aspects of attracting, training, inspiring, motivating and retaining staff with the skills required to future-proof your business.