Based: Cape Town

Gorgeous, entertaining and hugely inspiring it’s not surprising that Janie du Plessis was one of South Africa’s youngest ever TV presenter. Her personal charm and enduring good looks make her a popular South African celebrity who, today, is much in demand for guest appearances, magazine covers, advertising promotions, TV shows, public speaking tours and more.

Janie grew up in a literary family so it’s to be expected that Janie has a way with words that is pure paradise to listen to.

She studied Law at R.A.U. and then, changing her mind completely, she went on to present television programmes such as Teletien and Graffiti, Revue Plus (MNet), took speaking engagements across the country and began a life that was destined for the limelight.

Her professional stints include acting (in four feature films), modelling (she was the Max Factor girl for two years), writing a column for Huisgenoot magazine and promoting tourism in South Africa.

After marrying an Italian, Janie was based in Italy and Portugal for many years where she was exposed to very different architectural styles, themes and building trends. This gave her an interest in property development and a new direction in her business life. At the same time she published a newspaper for homesick South Africans living in Portugal.

Janie now lives in Cape Town where she gives free rein to her considerable media and marketing talents as Managing Director of her own company.  She takes up every single brief with the guarantee of originality. And while her projects might not always be the biggest they are always remarked upon as being original. Creative and energetic Janie is respected for her strategic skills and a unique ability for translating concepts into visually pleasing products.

Now, apart from her interests in property, she is also the Honorary President of a Cancer Trust and is available for public speaking engagements across the country. She entertains and inspires like few others can, so it’s no wonder she’s a much sought after public speaker, motivator and entertainer.