Based: Cape Town

Hanli Prinsloo is a Freediver and Ocean Conservationist. She is the founder of the I AM WATER Foundation which focuses on Ocean Conservation through Human Experience.
Hanli is a sought after inspirational speaker in her native South Africa as well as abroad. She speaks with animation and passion about freedom, fear, risk and conscious living. Her visual material from the underwater realm combined with her vibrant storytelling captures the imagination and inspires audiences of all ages and walks of life.

Hanli is an 11 times South African Freediving Record Holder, filmmaker and avid Ocean Adventurer. She has a background in acting, documentary filmmaking as well as over ten years of competitive freediving experience. Her documentary work has taken her into the front-lines of social political conflict all over Africa, from Burundi to Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe to name a few. Hanli is a strong believer in the greatness of the human spirit under the toughest of circumstances, having seen beauty and hope flourish where least expected. Leaving the camera behind her Hanli has focused all her energy on the ocean, surfing, sailing, paddling, conservation and freediving. Through her sport Hanli has trained an array of top athletes; from rugby players, to swimmers and surfers, working with mental toughness, mind over body control and mindfulness.

Merging her passions for social change and ocean conservation she is now the full-time CEO of the I AM WATER Foundation.

Inspirational Speaker
Freediving Instructor
Yoga Instructor
Media Awareness- Ocean Ambassador

Using Freediving as a tool, Hanli has trained an array of top athletes from rugby players to swimmers, cyclists, runners and surfers- working with mental toughness, mind over body control and consciousness.