Motivational. Sales. Change

Based: Johannesburg

With OVER 19 YEARS on the circuit and thousands of conferences, GAVIN SHARPLES the Action Man, has worked local as well as international platforms. You deal with a professional keynote speaker.

Knowing that he can reach any group of varied and diverse people and cultures from all the different social and ethnic sectors – Gavin is the first choice for 100% female audiences, executives from Investec to Anglo to 600 African credit controllers in the Edcon Group. He is comfortable speaking in corporate marquees in carparks to children in a school hall.

People and companies who have used his ideas and have made money, improved Business and personal productivity and even tripled sales figures. You can learn more in 1 hour from a wise man than from 10 years of study.

Gavin talks anytime, anywhere, and has been known to adapt his messages, in a moment, to confirm the ideas of other speakers’ at your event. “No one in the world can do what Gavin Sharples does!”.
Gavin is a “one of a kind” that cannot be duplicated as he blends humour with powerful effective messages. You get the best of both worlds. He can design, theme, and host entire conferences.

They say the biggest compliment that you can pay a motivational speaker is to invite them back. 90% of his business are referrals and call backs. 10% are new clients. Gavin is a full time pro and because this is his livelihood, he is passionate about his craft and the results he delivers.