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Frank is a financial planning researcher, life planner, educator, academic, and professional speaker with a passion for helping individuals and families through the development of a sense of purpose and good financial habits.

“Don’t just live,” says Frank. “Thrive!”

This sentiment might sound cheesy – if it wasn’t coming from a man who was once fired for drinking on the job as a barman, ended up homeless and broke, and became a Harvard Business School graduate and award-winning financial wellness expert.


His story is interesting – but so is his work, which has been featured on SABC Morning Live, eNCA, CNBC Africa and on Talk Radio 702, CapeTalk, SAFM, PowerFM, and KayaFM, and in City Press, The Financial Planner, Personal Finance, and Today’s Trustee, and many other media outlets and professional magazines.

He earned his personal financial planning doctorate from Kansas State University with a dissertation titled Financial Strain and Worry About Retirement Income Adequacy. Frank’s journey from the streets to becoming “Dr Mags”, as friends and colleagues call him, is a story of fighting to remain visible in a world that was desperately fighting to keep him invisible. It is also a story of resilience, resourcefulness, hope, courage, compassion, persistence, purpose and, above all, the power of the human spirit.