Based: Eastern Cape

Emjay Joyi, a 16 year old independent rising afro pop star. He is from Eastern Cape in Port St John’s at Majola location and speaks Xhosa. He started music and poetry in 2017 but he found his passion in music.

He is the “New Kid” in the music scene from the dirty streets of Majola, with a growing fan base across his social media platforms. He has already completed three great record singles (titled: Ezilalini; Mthokozisi Khathi and Notokozo) available in a short span of time and is set to be the next wonder kid from South Africa. He has already done two performances and he first performed on SADMA Awards in Durban at Ngolela on 17 August 2019 and secondly: he performed at Port St John’s Heritage celebration on 21 September 2019 and he shared stage with artists such as Berita. In 28 December 2019, he was part of the end year festive event that was at Port ST John’s, where he shared stage with artist such as Professor and other great artists.

As the new kid trying to raise the bar from struggles, on April 2019 he entered SADMA Awards as the Best Poet but did not go well and on September 2019 he entered 4 Annual Eastern Cape Awards as an artist of the year and as best new comer and voting lines are still open. Now he is trying to get to be booked hoping can diversify his music and share his, talent, great bold strong voice and good music. I am available on SoundClound, Reverbernation, SlikourOnLife, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Afro pop music is the food to his soul. When he writes music, he writes with an innovative mind that is full of unique ideas to inspire South African youth and by this he produces unique music and as the kid from underprivileged rural areas, this is real a big step.